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Technology Partners On Your Digital Transformation Journey

With the 4th industrial revolution having dawned upon us, it is imperative for all businesses, small and large to integrate digital technology in all aspects of their operations, in delivering value to customers. This is the digital transformation journey that enterprises need to take on in this era.

Oval IT is a technology company that specialises in providing technology solutions to clients and walking the digital transformation journey with you. Our solution offerings range from custom software development, microservices, mobile application development, enterprise application integration and API management. Our solutions enable organisations to manage, automate, integrate and report on their business processes, which results in achieving their business goals effectively and efficently.

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Enterprise Application Integration

Mobile Application Development

API Management


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Your technology partners on your digital transformation journey.


Oval IT helps enterprises to build scalable, distributed and decoupled applications that are composed of microservices

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps keep your clients connected to your business. Let us help you build your app and have your services and products easily accessible

Enterprise Integration

We help clients with enabling disparate enterprise applications to exchange data to fulfill emerging customer requirements

API Management

As your API ecosystem grows, there comes a challenge with managing all your APIs in a consistent and standardised fashion

Our Broker CRM Software is a cloud based solution that helps independant broker agencies to manage activities around client management in the insurance value chain, and move away from using spread sheets. The solution is available 24/7 and enables brokers manage all client information, provider information as well as processes around creating policies and managing claims that clients have. The solution provides a 360 view of a customer and comprehensive reporting once all data has been captured into the system. The solution offers the following features:

  • > Provider Management
  • > Product Management
  • > Client Management
  • > Policy Management
  • > Claim Management
  • > Lead Management
  • > Appointment Management
  • > 360 View of Customer
  • > Reporting
  • > Notification on Policy Anniversary/Maturity

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